Early Voting and Mail-In Ballots in 2020


North Carolina voters will receive mail-in ballots tomorrow, 9/4.  Voters in the crucial battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina will begin early voting (EV) in two weeks. This article was published in July 2020 and has good information on when early voting and mail-in voting starts this election cycle.  #Vote

Source: Who Will Win 2020 Election? First Votes Cast in Six Weeks – Bloomberg

November 2020 elections may lead to “the perfect storm” for voter suppression.

In primary elections that have taken place in Kentucky and in Georgia there has already been scenarios of voter suppression. Since Shelby v. Hunter took away many of the protections of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, voter suppression has been at an all time high. Read more here about how November elections may lead to one of the worst cases of voter suppression yet.

Today, the House is set to vote on $3 trillion aid package and historic rules changing remote voting.

This resolution being voted on today is considering additional aid to the american public as well as new options for remote voting. This bill would allow individuals to utilize technology to one day cast their votes from home.  For example, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, suggested members could  utilize technology similar to FaceTime to call to cast their votes. Read more about this historic legislation here.00Y7NpBeWxP0wCIPjvCl8wg-1.fit_scale.size_2698x1517.v1569491169

Voting by mail during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) leads to a constitutional question being raised in the state of Georgia.

A lawsuit was filed this past Wednesday asserting that the price of postage for “voting by mail” in Georgia is unconstitutional.  Black Voters Matter filed a federal claim arguing that the price of postage constitutes a poll tax because it essentially requires that voters pay to cast a ballot. Read more about it here. #votingrights #coronavirus #votingbymail

Watch Night 2020

January 1st is a significant day in civil rights history.  On January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which proclaimed that “all persons held as slaves … are, and henceforward shall be free.”  It is said that slaves in the confederate states watched all night on December 31, 1862, to see what freedom looked like on January 1st.  Accordingly, 157 years later, in the African American culture, we continue to attend watch night services on New Year’s Eve.  Maybe in 2020, we can truly see what freedom looks like.  #freedom #watchnight #vote