Early Voting and Mail-In Ballots in 2020


North Carolina voters will receive mail-in ballots tomorrow, 9/4.  Voters in the crucial battleground states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina will begin early voting (EV) in two weeks. This article was published in July 2020 and has good information on when early voting and mail-in voting starts this election cycle.  #Vote

Source: Who Will Win 2020 Election? First Votes Cast in Six Weeks – Bloomberg

DMV Closures Hurting Voter Registration Numbers | KXNT 840 AM

A consequence of COVID-19 is widespread DMV closures and the inability to register to vote. You can read about Nevada’s experience here. DMVs and other voter registration options are sparse or non-existent in most states. Additionally, organizations that usually engage in voter registration activities are unable to do so in this state of emergency. #voterregistration #votingrights #COVID19