Gov. Edwards signs bills to toughen anti-hazing laws, restore voting rights for convicted felons | News |

BATON ROUGE — Tougher anti-hazing legislation and a law allowing voting rights to a select group of convicted felons gained the signature of Gov. John Bel Edwards during the week.
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Victory for voting rights!!!


Research in Action: Disenfranchisement Study Impacts New Voting Rights Laws | News Article | Lehigh University

Professor Holona Ochs’ research on voter disenfranchisement cited in court case.
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A Guide To The Big Photo ID, Early Voting And Other Voting Law Cases : NPR

Ahead of November, a number of important voting law cases are still up in the air nationwide. Here’s a breakdown of where some of the big cases stand.

Source: A Guide To The Big Photo ID, Early Voting And Other Voting Law Cases : NPR

Connecting Dr. King’s “March on Ballot Boxes” Speech to Today’s Realities

Here’s an interesting article that connects past and present realities.  GRD

Fifty years ago, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. made his first public visit to South Carolina to deliver a speech on a school field in Kingstree about the importance of voting. About 5,000 came out on a rainy day to hear him.

Source: Post and Courier

Restoring the Right to Vote

Recently, Virginia and Kentucky took up the issue of restoring the right to vote to persons convicted of nonviolent felonies, with different results.  In VA, the state house voted down a resolution that would allow for automatic restoration.  In KY, state house members will need a super majority after public approval to provide restorative measures to nonviolent felons.  The paradox of outcomes demonstrate that the road to restoration can be extremely difficult for the more than 5 million persons who have lost the right to vote because of former convictions.