Voters opt to vote in person despite vote-by-mail option.

Recently, a number of states held their primaries. In Maryland, the state held their state and national primary elections. This was the state’s first time urging voters to vote primarily by mail due to Covid-19 restrictions. Voting in person was still allowed as an alternative for individuals who may not have received their ballot in the mail or experienced other obstacles. However, many people chose to vote in person and wait in line despite the mail-in option.  What took place in this election may be a predictor of what takes place in elections come November. Read more about voters experience in Maryland’s primary election here.


One thought on “Voters opt to vote in person despite vote-by-mail option.

  1. […] Baltimore’s primary election which included primaries for the presidential election, mayoral seat, and Baltimore’s city council president took place on June 2nd,  2020. Days after the election the important local seats can still not be determined due to a number of issues with the mail in ballots which ultimately resulted in the state board of elections administrator resigning. Read more about the current status of Baltimore city elections here. […]


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