Mizzou Names New President


After months of unrest, student protests, and a presidential resignation, The University of Missouri has appointed Michael Middleton as the interim president of the university. Middleton is no stranger to the university or the fight for Civil Rights. In 1968, Middleton became the third black student to graduate from the University’s law school. Shortly after graduation. Middleton started his legal career in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. His professional and personal experiences may be just what the University needs.

Voting Rights Act Could be Revived in Time for 2016 Elections

House Democrats are campaigning for changes to the Voting Rights Act to ensure that every eligible American has access to a ballot. These changes would re-implement a “pre-clearance” protocol for elections in states that have over 15 voting rights violations. To date, no Republicans have signed on to the bill but House Democrats are campaigning for Republicans to hold a hearing or vote on the bill. Without these changes or others like it, many Americans could be shutout from the ballot.

Is Standardized Testing Good or Bad? Civil Rights Activists can’t seem to agree.

Standardized testing in schools has been a longstanding and much debated practice in education. Some argue that standardized testing is a way to bring attention to the achievement gap in schools and consequently bring about solutions. Others argue that standardized testing causes school systems to “teach the test,” which results in a decreased focus on the arts and creative thinking in schools. Read more about it here, and tell us what you think.