Civil Rights Today

This blog seeks to highlight the civil rights issues of TODAY.  In 2015, I gave a TED Talk at TedX Baltimore and my first line was, “civil rights is dead.”  I expressed my amazement  when my students and others suggest that the need for traditional civil rights work is no longer needed due to the progress that we have made in this country.  Often proponents of the end of civil rights point to the election of President Barack Obama.  This one spectacular event, however, did not erase the large racial disparities in housing, education, employment and other areas central to the traditional civil rights movement.  While much progress has been made, a need continues to exist to fight for equal treatment in many areas.

As an educator, I often remind my students that we must look back to discover and appreciate how far we have come as a people and a nation; to appreciate where we are; and to understand how to continue to move forward.  In some areas,  African Americans and other racial and language minorities are making great strides. However, we have not arrived at “We Have Overcome.”  In many respects, we are stuck on the  “We Shall Overcome” refrain that proclaims that we will arrive “someday.”  Unfortunately, someday is not today.  The need for civil rights continues.   The end is still far from sight, but steady,  constant  pursuit will overcome racism, prejudice, discrimination and bias.  Clearly, more work is needed. seeks to serve as a resource for information on new millennium civil rights issues.  It primarily seeks to empower and engage communities to develop solutions so that we can overcome today.   .